The Personal Branding System

by Nikki Closser

So many people have had bad experiences getting headshots and have bad photos to prove it! If you want to sell more, the key is to elevate your client’s experience and produce great photos they love. When you can do this, they will evangelize for you and bring you so many clients by referral. You can also encourage a larger sale by the way you design the content of the shoot. Providing a variety of outfits, backdrops, and using props will entice your clients to purchase more. 

In this module, Nikki brings you through a photoshoot with Kinsley, a real estate agent. She takes you through choosing wardrobe and backdrops, and you get to be a fly on the wall for her hair & makeup conversations and through the whole photoshoot. You get to see Nikki’s entire process, and she tells you why she makes each choice.

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9 Reviews

“These behind-the-scenes are super helpful! I wish this one had the finish Reel too! like the next two. I want to see what you did to make them look great.”

Ariel F.

“I love the variety and I really appreciated how Nikki just did basic beautiful poses that can be replicated by anyone. I love how quickly she moved on too, once she got Kinsley in the pose, she would do 2-3 variations and then move on. Seems like it makes culling so much easier. I love this series so much!”

Janna S.

“I am soo grateful for this insight! Thank you!!! I couldn’t believe just how few pictures you actually shoot per pose and outfit. I feel I can safe a lot of time in the future when I remind myself more of that, too. I probably need more in the beginning because I am not so fluent with posing and what works and what doesn’t. But this is something to thrive for!”

Sabine E.

“This was amazing. I loved how simplistic but elegant the poses were. I don't know why I make it so difficult. The lessons learned here will certainly be applied.”

Otis R.

“Love your standing poses. They add that touch of polish and perfection for branding.”

Julie K.

“Beyond helpful, you explain and show exactly the way I learn best, and your experience will save me so much time!”

Jacqueline F.

“Question @Nikki: Do you show your clients some of the results at the back of your camera so they know what you are doing and they can comment so you het a good understanding of what they do and don't like? I do that, but I notice you don't.. No right or wrong; I am just wondering if you have a reason to not show?”

Niene n.

“This is so helpful to see how quickly Nikki moves from one outfit with a set of poses to the next. I have 2 questions: Are all sets in place before the shoot and how many images are taken in total?”

Gina D.

“I loved the level of detail in explaining why she did things and her approach.”

Michelle M.