The Personal Branding System

by Nikki Closser

Doing Personal Branding Photography for corporate and business teams can be very lucrative. When providing photographs for larger groups of people over a day or several days, you must adapt the way you market your service as well as how you price it. This can lead to some pretty big paychecks for just a few days’ work.

In this module, Nikki talks about several experiences she has had working with corporate teams. She tells you how to educate the coordinating manager on how it can be so beneficial to do more than traditional headshots. Having Personal Branding Photography experiences as a team can not only produce better photos, it can also be a team building experience. When you can provide exceptional service and photos to a corporate team, this can lead to some great repeat clients as well as opportunities for lots of referrals.

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3 Reviews

“Allen & Lisandro, thank you for this feedback! I will absolutely record an additional segment covering both upselling and consistency for backgrounds/poses. It will be added to the course as soon as we can get it done!”

Nicole C.

“Love the concept of the corporate headshots. It can even be used like a mini session day. I do wish you would have covered more on the how you upsell. In my opinion, adding that would complete this segment.”

Lisandro R.

“Loved this video as well as the previous video on pricing. I’m going to how I can incorporate some of your strategy into my business. 💕”

Michelle M.