The Personal Branding System

by Nikki Closser

Post-production is a very important part of the workflow in Personal Branding Photography. Nikki is very authentic here about photo-editing not being her super power. However, she works with a great retoucher, and has had plenty of success with the process she uses and shares with you.

In this module, Nikki takes you through her whole post-production workflow with Kinsley’s photos. She begins in Lightroom with uploading & sorting and gives you insights into how to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible. Nikki tells you what edits she likes to make herself and which ones she sends to her retoucher. She also points out certain features in photographs that make them more appealing to Personal Branding clients to use for marketing purposes.

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3 Reviews

“I definitely learnt some new tricks! This was super helpful, thanks Nikki!”

Marie Y.

“Is it better to apply your presets prior to sending to retoucher? I have been applying my presets once I get the retouched files. I wonder if doing it this way is better. Thank you.”

Mareike S.

“I didn’t know I could see the how the presets affect a picture in a window on the left nor that I could see several images at once side by side outside of the gallery. Awesome, love the workflow!”

Lisandro R.