The Fashion Series

by Lara Jade

In this lesson, Lara shows us just how simple it is to utilize lighting to create beautiful results. This lesson includes the Lighting Diagrams PDF bonus download. Read more

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It is so easy to feel intimidated by lighting, but in this lesson, Lara shows us just how simple it is to utilize lighting to create beautiful results. Lara breaks down her 6 go-to lighting setups that she uses on almost all her shoots, whether it be with natural light, strobes, constant light, or all of the above. First she shows us the theory of each set up followed by a demo with a styled model – walking you through the process step by step. Don’t forget to download the Lighting Diagrams PDF as a reference as you learn to utilize these setups in your own space.



38 Reviews

“Excellent explanations of not only the lighting techniques but also how you use lighting responsively to the location and the mood you are conveying. Thank you Lara.”

Neville S.

“Wow ! I have just started watching your Fashion Series Lara. I am LOVING it . Thank you Lara”

Jo G.

“Thank you! Your videos helped me a lot with lighting technique!”

luisa B.

“While I was already familiar with a lot of the ideas in this portion of the course, I've never felt confident enough in the ideas to actually apply them to my photography. Lara explains things in a way that not only made me feel comfortable with the information, but made me excited and ready to try it all out <3 So grateful I decided to purchase this course.”

Arianna V.

“So great! Lara explains things so well. I can't wait to start shooting again!”

Kristine D.

“I’m only halfway through and already planning ways to move forward, more confidently.”

Dorothea V.

“I have been shooting for a very long time and really thought I knew a lot about posing and lighting but wow I learned a few things. Fantastic series and whether you are knew or have been around awhile in the industry there is something for everyone in this series. Worth the money spent.”


“Awesome and outstanding workshop. I will be using what i learned here into studio. I normally take photos of my clients outdoors. This course is definitely a good refresher for me in terms of where i am at in my photography and i believe it will be a good course for those starting out with studio lighting.”

Albert W.

“Dear The Portrait Masters, Hello. My name is Cristelle. Fashion Lighting Fundamentals is a really good lesson. I learned a lot about lighting during each of the topics. Thank you. Sincerely, Cristelle Nicole Simony”

Cristelle S.

“This is absolutely impeccable. This gave me so many easy, memorable tips to be able to nail the lighting every single time. Cannot wait to try these out!”

Kate D.

“Outstanding workshop, I have been shooting portraiture for many, many years. They say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, well this workshop alone proved that theory wrong. Whether you are just starting out or a veteran of photography, Lara’s courses will take your skills and mind set further than you could ever imagine.”

Ian M.

“I see a lot of Sue Bryce emphasis in these tutorials..... SUPER grateful for the knowledge that you share Lara- Thank you!”

Tosha b.

“This is everything I've been looking for. Business // Lighting and more. I can't recommend this class enough, it's been the best investment I've made for my business in a long time.”

Brittny D.

“I mean...WOW!!! Just wow! I can't say enough good things about this class. I've been using studio lights for about 10 months now and this class is gold. I'm so excited to try these techniques.”

Dionne H.

“If this was the only module offered with this course it would still be worth the price. So much info to get you going and advice on how to modify each setup! Love it!”

Robert B.

“what white balance you use on this setting?”

Hing Lung C.

“Great tutorial!”

Daria C.

“Although I'm not a newbie in studio lighting, this course was VERY educational. Especially because all the set-ups Lara shows here are so simple and easy to replicate. I've never thought I could take a cover shot with just one light! Lara gives extremely helpful tips and makes everything easy to understand. After watching this fundamental I was beyond inspired and I really look forward to learning more about posing and getting to the challenges section. Thank you so much xx”

Lana P.

“I am a hairstylist who, after 15 years in the industry, started out on an adventure this past July to begin studying the editorial world. I traveled to New York to study under a world renowned hairstylist to learn all that I can in her Editorial Hairstyling workshop then in December for her Photoshoot workshop. For this past year I began working with my camera at home so I could photo journal my work. The deeper I dive into the photography aspect I am realizing it is allowing me to become more intimate with my work as I am learning how to see shape through the lens of the camera. I bought your workshop in hopes that It would help me understand lighting better, but with the fashion series, you’ve not only taught me about lighting, you’ve given me incredible insights on fashion as well as posing my models! I am SO impressed with this course. It has paired perfectly with my overall study. You’ve given me the confidence in my ability to communicate with a team when the time comes for great opportunity! Thank you so much!”

DeLayne L.

“Great tutorial . I'm not new to studio lighting , but this has given me ideas of how to step things up. Its amazingly helpful to have the diagrams of the setups , as im still at the stage where at times I let myself either get intimidated or lose my focus when im in the studio with a model and my lighting theory goes out the window .(Its also great to have a tutorial on setups that are a bit different than the "normal" ones.”

JOnathan D.

“Perfect explaining of lighting...I love the shower curtain idea ;)”

arezoo j.

“Watching this series makes me feel so inspired and excited to try new set ups and concepts. Lara explains everything with real professionalism and is so clear and concise with her explanations. Every chapter has me hooked and addicted to watch and try the rest! Starting the new year with this tutorial is so exciting...”

sarah m.

“I have followed your work from the time you did that Cheap Camera challenge with Kai W. For that time I loved your work. And this Fashion series is worth buying she teaches everything and easy to understand . I wanted to learn about lighting since I was bad at it. This series teaches you that its not that hard to use lighting at all”

Avinash A.

“Extremely impressed with this fashion series, Lara is so easy to listen to, she doesn’t rush through her explanations and there are some incredible yet simple lighting set ups that I have already tried and absolutely fallen in love with. Would massively recommend this to anyone that is interested in fashion photography.”

Siaran C.

“This part of the Fashion Series is my absolute favourite and gave me great confidence to organize a collaboration shoot with a local couture gowns designer, pro models and my trusted hair+makeup stylist. Highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to lift their game!”

Agi M.

“I have quite a big experience with light equipment in and was worried that some information from this class could be not very relevant to me. But on the contrary - I got a lot of insights while watching the Lighting fundamentals. Thank you Lara for your great work, I'm very thankful!”

Alina S.

“I'm so happy that I've finally found a course that covers lightning topics without making it complicated. This is one of the best investments I've made in my photography business. Thank you so so so much Lara!”

Rocio D.

“Thus far I've only watched the lighting tutorials as I only just purchased today. I was a little dubious before purchasing as the reviews were all too good, I thought it must be a set up. Given that I know a heap of lighting set ups and am a fairly accomplished photographer I worried I'd know all the set ups already. Definitely not the case as Lara goes beyond what most photographers would already know and adds what I'd call 'golden nuggets'. Those little tricks that make a big difference and add to what are really simple lighting set ups make it a worthy purchase.”

Jef G.

“As someone who has limited my photography practice to natural light and on-camera flash, I found myself mesmerized by these videos. Not only have I learned a great deal, I am incredibly excited as I incorporate Lara’s teachings and techniques into my repertoire. I would highly recommend this series to anyone who is interested in fashion and beauty photography. You won’t be disappointed!”

Jeffrey R.

“I enjoyed seeing how easy the set up is for these shots. The info on the light and your camera settings is very helpful. Now if I only had someone to help me move equipment around! Great job and easy to undertand.”

Christine B.

“I'm so happy I purchased this series! I'm starting to get more into studio lighting, which can be a bit intimidating sometimes but Lara makes it very approachable and easy to understand. I really appreciate that she shows that you can create stunning images with low budget items as well which is really encouraging. I'm looking forward to the other videos and practicing with the light setups. Thank you Lara for putting this series together and being transparent in sharing your knowledge and skills.”

Janel F.

“I love how direct these setups are.”

Dylan S.

“I am so excited to try the ethereal and claim lighting for my session tomorrow. This is the best purchase ever!!! Thank you”

susan j.

“I can't stress enough how incredible this series is for folks new to the world of lighting and to those photographers like myself who have been shooting for a long while with strobes. I had a pretty decent understanding of basic lighting principles but boy, Lara truly breaks everything down in ways I never even thought and EDUCATES. If you have been afraid of shooting with strobes or have been worried that the light won't look natural or lend to your style, then do yourself a favor and purchase the Fashion Series and DIVE IN and learn from the BEST fashion photographer in the world. Lara, thank you for putting together so much valuable content and information in one place. I am walking away with the wisdom and capacity to light properly for portraits and I am so inspired to implement everything I have learned!!”

Matthew A.

“Thank you so much for this workshop! I'm a big fan since I discovered Lara's work online. Everything is explained very well! Can't wait to practice all the light setups!”

Isabelle D.

“I did a workshop with Lara in Milano 2 years ago, now I felt it was time to refresh some things and I didn't expect this. You see a lot more different light options. Very nice videos, looking forward to the others. Thank you for this. Love from Belgium”

Lesley H.

“As a natural light photographer, this was extremely educational. I have been intimidated by the idea of using studio lights, but Lara breaks everything down and makes me excited to try shooting indoors. Amazing series overall.”

Ayaka S.

“Just to say how unexpected this workshop was. I just saw everything and can't find the words of how amazed and excited I feel..... Can't wait to practice all of the different lightings. Lara you are a beautiful and elegant jewel.”

Yolanda f.