The Fashion Series

by Lara Jade

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5 Reviews

“The idea is great but maybe having a more in depth class about retouching (with Pratik Naik as guest retoucher) would be better. Let me develop : Lara has a lot of experience knowing what high end clients want and don't want. Explaining the general ideas behind a commercial shoot on the retocuhing side is something that i am looking for. Every client is diffrent but developping 5 or 6 "edits" would give perspective. Do you give a mate look or not ? How do you do it ? What colour range is better ? Young photographers can't pay a professional editor. I bought Michael Woloszynowicz's course and my editing skilled improved A LOT. Michael was very technical on editing and as a result my pictures look a lot better. I would love for Lara and Pratik to sit down and analyze their thought process and technics in depth on various edits. This video is a good apetizer but now we need in depth course :)”

Pierre-Yves L.

“Enjoyed learning about the gradient maps. I will have to play with these.”

Christine B.

“I love all your tutorials and many thanks for these bonus videos. Could you please add a download link so that I can watch it offline. many thanks, greetings John”

John B.

“I had read that you utilize Alien Skin for most of your retouching. Have discovered the best way to color tone with Alien Skin? If so, I would love seeing a tutorial from you”

Jeffrey R.

“Thank you for the tutorial on colour toning Lara! This is a great tool and something that can be viewed as a reference as and when needed. It's a really helpful and useful bonus to The Fashion Series.”

Alison M.