The Fashion Series

by Lara Jade

In this lesson, Lara takes us through multiple demonstrations of how to pose your subject
based on the mood of your shoot. Read more

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In this lesson, Lara takes us through multiple demonstrations of how to pose your subject based on the mood of your shoot. Learn to confidently direct your subject in different scenarios: cover posing, bridal posing, beauty posing, and adding movement. Watch as Lara uses keywords, tips, and tricks to encourage her model to flow from a base pose to create as many options as possible.


16 Reviews

“Thanks Lara, You really went above and beyond with this tutorial.”

Dorian W.

“I really love how she references images she's shot first then shows you how to replicate it. Very good!”

Kristine D.


Luis L.

“Lara is talented. But would've liked more detail of the triangles. And even if the focus is on posing, it'd be nice if the images were being properly exposed too. That's why one star off. But the info was helpful thank you.”

Tou X.

“I really love how Lara explain the different Parts of her photography. Its really good to get another kind of view and new knowledge. Thank you Lara!”

Yvonne W.

“I was lucky enough to meet Lara in person and attend one of her workshops, this indeed encouraged me to purchase the Fashion Series. Well presented and personable Lara delivers everything you need to gain confidence and put the theory into practice, I have been truly amazed at how many hours of teaching that has been provided. Laras style is classic and timeless but certainly current in todays fashion industry. All of the courses and instructors that are available compliment one another in their style so you truly have a comprehensive bible of learning. Thank you again.”

Carey S.

“I have followed your work from the time you did that Cheap Camera challenge with Kai W. For that time I loved your work. And this Fashion series is worth buying she teaches everything and easy to understand I always had hard time with posing people, this is one of the best course to learn about it Love it so much”

Avinash A.

“This is fantastic! I applied some of the techniques to a shoot today, and it went really well—my model felt like she had more direction (she even commented on how good my posing was), the shoot ran more efficiently, and we were able to easily achieve the results we were looking for. Thanks, Lara!”

Meaghan B.

“It's quite informative, but would have loved a bit more education on getting edgy poses/ feel. But kudos to Lara Jade for sharing info that can help us kick start our research deeper into the genre.”

clement e.

“This whole Fashion Series is fabulous, it is so helpful and easy to follow. With the video downloads and pdfs it really puts the knowledge at your fingertips. I would love to attend a live workshop with you some day!! Thank you for sharing your creativity, knowledge and expertise!!”

Kelly B.

“I love setting up posing but the hands can always be a bit of an issue with my beginning models. I look forward to using some of these poses for sure! Thanks for sharing!”

Christine B.

“Great video! Loved learning how to give direction effectively to get the desired shot. I really love that Lara explains not just the how but also the why behind a pose.”

Janel F.

“I truly love this, exactly what I was hoping for.”

Darcy H.

“This is great. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Loved watching.”

Brigitta B.

“Awesome video good example and direction . By the way if possible on the Posing Guide pdf can include more samples on triangle composition ? thank you.”

Chee Y.

“Very good direction !”

Bruno O.