Creative Portrait Series

By Richard Wood

Creating Mood & A Painterly Effect

(8 customer reviews)

Richard continues the post production of his Mermaid in Water image here as he brings us through some atmospheric techniques to create a dynamic final product.

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Creating Mood & A Painterly Effect

Richard continues the post-production of his Mermaid in Water image here as he brings us through some atmospheric techniques to create a dynamic final product. Discover some of Richards secrets – that he’s never shared before, to elevate your work to the next level!

PRO TIP: How to make Photoshop work much faster (14:30)
PRO TIP: Lighting Effects to direct the eye & create a painterly effect (12:38)

8 Reviews

“Wonderful class! The Files are in a Zip downloadable file under the photographing the elements videos. I am so excited to try editing while I re-watch. Thank you!”

Aldene Y.

“Thanks so much for all . This information is very important for my job as a makeup artist.”

Ileana R.

“I have learned new techniques and wish I bought this before I entered my images then I could have improved it a lot more. For my next Portrait Masters Awards, I will definitely apply a lot of Richard's techniques. This is so worth the money spent and I have only watched the first 7, but cannot wait to continue tomorrow. A complete must with editing to a more professional level. Thank you Richard Wood for sharing your secrets with us, I am sure you are going to recognize some changes to the next Competitions we enter. If I have a question about something in this class, where can I ask the question to Richard to please answer me? Much appreciated and a good thing that you added the download. THANKS”


“only watched the start but love the techniques but I am disappointed there is no download option, as with the other courses I have bought. I like to watch my educational videos when I am killing time and don't often have reliable internet. so will take me longer to work through these. hope this may be added later?”

Kim D.

“Incredible! I can't wait to use some of these techniques soon!”

Darina N.

“MIND 100% BLOWN!!!!”

Jody L.

“I wanted to thank Richard so much for sharing. This information is invaluable, especially for a newbie compositor like myself. His generosity, skill and teaching ability are so very much appreciated. Thank you!!!”

Krista S.

“Such great value. I learnt so many little tricks and techniques that will make my future conceptual work so much easier. Now to watch it again and make some detailed notes. Im so thankful Richard is willing to share his secrets. I've been following his work for so long and it is so great to be able to learn from him.”

Darci T.