Creative Portrait Series

By Richard Wood

In this course Richard will teach you how to access your deepest creativity, an essential to produce successful illustrative portraits.

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Even if you are technically proficient behind the camera, learning how to access your deepest creativity is essential to produce successful illustrative portraits. Master Richard’s 4 key elements of an award-winning image, put his exercises into practice, and you’ll be well on your way to creating emotive and compelling work.

8 Reviews

“this speech was everything.”

Paige M.

“Thanks to Richard that my creative skills are waking up again!”

Leila W.


Ileana R.

“very interesting way to inspire and allow creativity to flow - great tips”

Kimberly L.

“Thank you so much Richard Wood, thank you The Portrait Masters. This introduction is so inspirational. There is so many details to think in every idea of this chapter that I have to see it again. I am sure that I will discover more and more. Amazing your artistic vision and so truth because is coming from very deep inside. English is not my first language, but is so clearly and well explained that I can understand everything perfectly. And thank you for the hight quality of the image and sound. I am really happy I bought this course.”

Ricardo Agustín C.

“This introduction into Richard Wood's methodology for turning fantastical ideas into fully realized images is a game changer. "Thinking in metaphors" and playing with "word association" are things that are as natural to me as breathing, and now I can't wait to learn the techniques that take my visions from concept to reality. Thank you, Richard, for sharing your knowledge!”

L Stephanie S.

“I struggle with this concept as I have fallen into the abyss of a "realism thinking box" Thank you so much for turning that box, end over, and dumping me into this wonderful and different way of thinking! Excited to see what I will create! Thank you!”

Sherry P.

“I love this! It was my absolute favorite pat of Portraits Masters, I could and probably will listen to this over multiple times!”

Shanna D.