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Nikki Closser is a portrait photographer and the host of The Portrait System Podcast. In 2012, she began building a hugely successful business that not only afforded her to quit her job as a social worker, but she is now able to support her family (and her travel obsession). Nikki has been working alongside Sue Bryce for the last decade and she is a mentor to other photographers through The Portrait System community and through her three top-selling courses at The Portrait Masters Store. Nikki reached the Master level with the Portrait Masters and has photographed thousands of people over the years. Nikki currently lives in Michigan with her husband and two young sons where they split their time at their lake cottage and home in the country.

The Personal Branding System


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Elevate your photography business with "The Personal Branding System," a comprehensive course that demystifies the journey to financial stability in the industry, without sacrificing your weekends. Dive into 57 insightful lessons, gain lifetime access to exclusive content, and take advantage of Nikki's practical tools like the 180-page Personal Branding Lookbook. Transform your passion into a thriving business, create compelling personal branding experiences, and master the art of selling your skill with confidence and ease.


Outdoor and On-Location Photography: How To Take Amazing Portraits- Anywhere! with Nikki Closser


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Unlock the secrets of captivating outdoor photography with Nikki Closser's 'Outdoor and On-Location Photography' course, and never feel confined by your studio again. From sun-kissed fields to urban landscapes, learn to work with the beauty of any environment, all while maximizing your profits with minimal gear. Sign up now and transform every location into your personal photography playground!

Cover is a pink camera with a floral background that is similar to Nikki Clossers personal style for her photography business, so part of her marketing for photographers is understanding your brand identity.

Get More Clients: Effective Marketing for Photographers


Get More Clients: Effective Marketing for Photographers is a comprehensive, action-oriented course designed to elevate your marketing strategies as a photographer. Through Nikki Closser's expert guidance, you'll discover a systematic approach to streamline your marketing efforts, harnessing the power of effective social media and email campaigns, and building lasting relationships to grow your business.


Marketing Email Templates


Learn how to respond to objections and make authentic connections with your clients during each stage of the client experience.


Personal Branding Poses That Sell Lookbook


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These are my top poses that I consistently use and my clients love and buy. In this collection, you’ll find 13 distinct poses (including variations), as well as a sample of photos from 17 different client series.
NOTE: If you purchase Nikki's Personal Branding Course, this Lookbook is included for free!