In this segment, Lara lets you in on all of her marketing secrets in the fashion and commercial industries.

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Your marketing strategy should be as creative as your photography – if not more! In this segment, Lara lets you in on all of her marketing secrets in the fashion and commercial industries. Learn how to find and pitch to your target clients, build your industry contact database, understand which steps you need to take to get your work published, and master the art of sending a cold email. Start executing these crucial marketing methods and watch your opportunities double!

13 Reviews

“Much Love LARA. Amazing job thank you”


“This is everything you need to now. Every time I finish a module from Lara I feel incredibly inspired and ready to apply everything I've learned. Thank you so much for making this information available!!”

Katherin G.


Rene H.

“This made my career goes from 0 to 100! I cannot thank enough to Lara for where I am now. It is maybe not yet where I would like to be, but I can say Thanks to Lara I am on the good way!!! Thank you Lara!!”

Zuzana V.

“This course is so helpful! Thank you so much Lara for sharing your knowledge.”

Shakil H.

“As a veteran photographer who's transitioning into fashion, this course is a lifesaver! Lara goes into so much depth and detail for every module and I'm so appreciative for all of the valuable information! I would have wasted so many years trying to navigate this industry through trial and error if it wasn't for this course. Also, she's able to deliver the material in a way that's concise and easy to understand. Thank you so much, Lara!”

Matthew A.

“Such valuable information for any photographer! To be getting this straight from Lara, is priceless. I mainly bought the Business of Fashion Photography for this module, and it has not disappointed. This is a perfect road map, I have been doing things she is mentioning all along but she gives tips to make my pitches even stronger and more relevant. I love listening and watching in between editing, Lara is amazingly articulate and such a brilliant teacher and role model in this industry!”

sabrina d.

“This course was so needed! I can't tell you how many times I've Googled questions (that didn't get answered) that Lara explained so well here. The industry can feel like such a mystery and completely overwhelming, especially as someone who is newer to commercial/editorial work. It feels like being given a boost of confidence and a leg up, having taken this course.... and I have my list of homework now that I'm excited to get to work on!”

Jeannie A.

“It's refreshing and inspiring to hear directly from this talented soul. Sharing this knowledge benefits everyone, and strengthens the industry as well. Thank You!”

karston t.

“I absolutely love how all those informations vibrate in my mind, cristal clear and logical. My thoughts have been so confused by unrelevant informations, from people with misconceptions about this market. I feel in line with this course, despite I'm sure now I have a much longer road before to even start.”

Dat-Vi H.

“Before this course, I spent a lot of time identifying my target client. But it turns out that you need first identify you. It was still difficult to do so until I heard Lara shared how she identifies herself as a photographer. When she explained it, rather than just said it for the first time in my life I experienced the light bulb Moment. THANK YOU LARA In addition, if you are struggling to rebrand or figure out if you should use your name or some random photography name this module will help you ton too!!”

Sohail C.

“The information Lara shares is thorough, specific, helpful and comprehensive. She shares completely, not only the what, but the whys of making it in this business. I look forward to assimilating every piece of information and land some major publications and booking commercial clients. I’ve studied at a commercial photography programs and often, I find the instructors have a lot of ego attached to their teaching, but with Lara, the information is generous, current, encouraging, authentic and real. There’s no fluff about it and I commend her on a brilliant course. She doesn’t hold back one iota and it’s worth its weight in gold.”

Kit T.

“Mindblowing the amount of information here !! Wow !! THANK YOU for the golden insights and tips !!”

Rossana N.