Family Posing Series

with Michele Celentano

Learn to master standing poses of small to large groups when you don’t have any props, stools, or chairs to pose people on.

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This series of videos is all about standing poses. Learning to master these poses will help you immensely when you don’t have any props, stools or chairs to pose people on or if you’re shooting in a location where it’s not possible to pose people on the ground. Watch as Michele takes us through from posing standing groups of 3 to groups or 7 or more.

4 Reviews

“Michele's way of demonstrating and explaining family posing is brilliant. She makes it seem so straight-forward and achievable. Can't recommend this course enough!”

Lara F.

“Amazing! Love this family posing series Michelle makes it easy to understand and follow her posing techniques.”

Maria M.

“Michele is nothing less than amazing in the art of posing! Groups have always been kind of nerve wracking even though I have done them for 20 years plus. Watching Michele fine tune groups from small to large and really make each and everyone of them look so great made me pretty envious. I watched Michele when she did the segment on SB live and I was impressed. It was enough to help me decide to purchase The family Posing. So happy I did, one of the very best training I have seen for posing. Just a ton of content. If you're on the fence, just get it!!! You will not be sorry. Thanks Michele ;).”

Geri B.

“I absolutely love this. Small things/adjustments really make the biggest difference!”

Dana N.