Retouching Bundle

Lightroom 101 by Chris Orwig

Are you ready to learn Lightroom, so you can expand your creativity and artistry?

In this comprehensive course, I guide you through Lightroom from start to finish, so you can avoid common mistakes & learn foundational techniques for using this powerful tool to organize, improve, and share your photographs.

My goal is to help you learn to use Lightroom efficiently, so you have more time to use it creatively, and to make it as easy, fun, and accessible as possible.

Photoshop 101 by Chris Orwig

Are you ready to learn Photoshop, so you can take your portraits to the next level?

In this comprehensive course, I share my years of experience helping people create better photographs. My goal is to help you learn how to use Photoshop to improve your portraits in a way that looks natural, so the viewer can connect to your subject without distraction.

The Lightroom Masters: Portrait Photographers Collection

The new updates to Lightroom and Lightroom Classic have made it an even more powerful portrait retouching machine than ever before. Jared Platt, Kristina Sherk, and Lisa Carney present valuable lessons on how to use these updates to level up your Lightroom skills.


The Photoshop Masters: Portrait Photographers Collection

Photoshop can be confusing and overwhelming for photographers to learn because it has so many powerful tools and different ways to use them. In The Photoshop Masters: Portrait Photographers Collection, four amazing instructors demystify the tools in 2021 Photoshop so that you can use them to make your portraits great.



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Included in this Bundle:

Embark on a transformative journey with “The Photoshop Masters: Portrait Photographers Collection,” where four seasoned instructors unveil the secrets to elevate your Photoshop expertise. Learn the art of setting up Photoshop workflows like a pro, gaining insights from the editing processes of these masters who guide you on what, when, and why they do what they do. Reconceptualize Dodge & Burn with innovative techniques that promise a whole new level of editing possibilities.

Lisa Carney challenges conventional thinking on masking, providing multiple approaches based on your budget, time, and specific needs. The course includes downloadable guides, featuring practice images by Sue Bryce and Jared Platt for hands-on learning. Delve into the comprehensive Photoshop Masking PDF, master beauty and skin retouching with multi-page PDFs, and enhance your skills with the Dodge & Burn toolkit and a set of custom hair-painting brushes.

Transition seamlessly to “The Lightroom Masters: Retouching & Masking Collection,” where you’ll discover how to retouch portraits entirely within Lightroom. Uncover the simplicity of masking with Lightroom Classic’s new panel, and learn to harness the power of Lightroom Mobile for a darkroom in your hands. Practice and refine your skills with images by Sue Bryce and Jared Platt, and deepen your knowledge with the Lightroom Masking PDF, offering extra insights into Lisa Carney’s course.

To further empower your Lightroom journey, Kristina Sherk provides a pack of local adjustment brushes, enabling you to hit the ground running with your adjustments. With AI-enhanced capabilities, now is the perfect time to rediscover Lightroom’s potential. Our three Lightroom Masters are eager to share the latest tools and capabilities, allowing you to work faster and more flexibly than ever before. Whether mastering Photoshop or delving into the capabilities of Lightroom, these courses are your gateway to a new realm of editing prowess.