Business, Marketing & Social Media Strategies for Fashion Photographers FAQ

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Is this class available to download?

Yes, all class content is downloadable. You can find the downloads (which will be .mp4 video files,  zip files, and .pdf files) in each module on the bottom right side of the screen.

All downloadable course materials are available here.

Who is the course suitable for?

Photographers wanting to explore more of the commercial side of the industry – specifically fashion, commercial & portrait photographers looking to expand their marketing in the advertising industry.

Are you looking to get published? Pitch and email your work to photo editors, art buyers, creative directors and specific brands? Learn more about licensing images and production? Get better business knowledge including contracts, money management and have a better understanding of how to price your work? Are you located in a smaller market but struggling to get noticed and get paid for your work? Then this course is for you!

How is this course different to The Fashion Series?

The Fashion Series covered the creative side of the industry – giving you an insight into fundamentals on lighting, posing and styling as well as sharing my creative process in the challenge videos.

This new series covers many sections under the ‘business’ umbrella. I listened to your feedback after the first series and so many of you were keen to learn more about business & marketing techniques.

There are 3 inspirational shoots in this series but they are all approached with a business mindset – showing you that YOU can be creative and love what you’re shooting but also run a profitable business.

Will I learn more about pricing in this course?

Absolutely! I know this is always a big question! In the Business Fundamentals section – you’ll find a section called ‘Pricing Your Work’. This section breaks down pricing ‘know how’ in the industry including standard rates, help with finding a base rate, shoot estimates and knowing your worth in the industry you are in. If you are interested in learning more about pricing – you’ll also find the ‘Diversifying Your Revenue Streams’ section quite helpful.

Will I learn more about getting my work published in this course?

In the Marketing Section – I cover ‘Getting Published’ in depth. This is an important part of marketing your work as a commercial and fashion photographer. I’ll be covering why it’s important to get published, understanding the submission/commission/spec terminology and how to find the right magazine & contact at the publication. I will also be giving you tips and tricks on how to contact those key people!

You mentioned a Facebook Group - how do I access this?

The main Facebook Group can be accessed by anyone interested in learning more about Lara’s education series (both this series and The Fashion Series) and can be accessed here.