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This product has been discontinued.

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This product has been discontinued.

9 Reviews

“I have been eyeing these posing cards for a while and the store was out of stock for a while, so when I saw these were available again, it was a no brainer. Mine arrived today, and I am thrilled. It's Christmas in January! They are gorgeous, and I cannot wait to use them.”

Elleni T.

“Sylwia J ...Received my card today ... I am very happy ... thank you very much ...”

Sylwia J.

“Received my card today ... I am very happy ... thank you very much ...”

Sylwia J.

“These posing cards have saved my bacon countless times! They're great for inspiration and I review them frequently, especially before a shoot. It's incredibly helpful to ensure I don't forget any particular pose I want to ensure I get in a session. Just ordered the couples posing cards. Can't wait for them to arrive!”

Lisa P.

“I like the cards a lot. I would like another set of posing cards to use when photographing curvey clients, as this client category can be tricky, and I have seen Sue’s excellent work with curves. I think the price point on these cards is worth the money.”

Debra B.

“The flow posing that Sue guides us through with the use of the the cards and the accompanying media is easy to follow, and gives confidence in posing. Planning my shoots is so much simpler now. Well worth the cost for material that is extensive and practical.”

Andy P.

“Received my cards in the uk. They are perfect and just as stated in the description Can't wait to use them :) Thank you Sue x”


“Received my posing cards the other day and they are a fantastic resource at the right size. Thank you Sue!!”

Nikki L.

“This flow posing video is incredible! Sue is a MASTER at posing, unlike anyone else! If you really want to nail it for your clients buy this product! What a difference!”

Denise M.