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Getting familiar with Facebook Ads Manager has 3 stages — at first, you’ll feel awkward, then you’ll be aware, and then it will become automatic. Here is your overview and tour of all the different parts of Facebook Ads Manager that we will be going over later. After taking this first look around, you’ll have a much easier time when we get into things in more detail.

4 Reviews

“I really needed this. Even though there are tutorials to READ with Meta on facebook. This explanation to my brain really helps clarify... the overwhelm of texts and stuff that doesn't always apply via facebook itself. Thanks so much Ashley.!!!”

Angie C.

“I think this is the 4th time I've had to watch this to understand it but I'm so happy that Ashley really breaks it down. Definitely helps to watch and do it at the same time so you start getting more comfortable with the FB interface”

Phillip D.

“It's amazing how you really break this down. I took another FBAds course and nothing was broken down into understandable bits. I am not taking any notes yet as I am just sitting back and listening. I am enjoying your teaching style. Can I run a campaign yet? Absolutely NOT! But at least I finally am beginning to understand all the bits that must fit together. As stated above, however, the interface is truly daunting!”

Maria F.

“So helpful to see it all broken down into manageable steps! The interface can be daunting - I appreciated this walk thru”

Angie W.