The Boudoir Series

by Kara Marie

Included in this Bundle:

A pose can make or break a photo and sometimes the smallest adjustment is all you need to create a flattering and more impactful boudoir image. In the posing segment of this series, Kara Marie will show you common boudoir posing mistakes and how to easily correct them to create a more flattering pose from head to toe. To dive deeper, she’ll also be breaking down her top 10 selling poses that have increased her client’s purchases. Finally, Kara Marie will teach you how to add simple movements to give your poses extra impact and create a more natural look. With these posing techniques as a foundation, you’ll be able to make these poses your own and have every shoot a success.

15 Reviews

“Awesome video series, worth every penny. My favorite aspect of these videos is the “Common Mistakes”. Demonstrating the common mistakes cuts through hours and hours of learning by trial & error. Thank you!! I also love the top poses and how you explain executing each pose with such detail. 👏👏👏”

Jennifer B.

“I'm obsessed!! I gooootta know what lens you're using though!”

Michelle L.

“Great posing tutorials ! Thank you Kara!”

Natalia I.

“I have never seen such a sensual boudoir before. It changes the perception of the word itself. Amazing! I love making this investment. Thank you, Kara, so much!”

Anastasia K.

“Great posing tutorials Kara...I am loving how informative you are yet you make it seem so simple and practical...Love the course..well worth the investment and so much more!!!”

Ana M.

“this is the best value for money course i have ever purchased, Kara gives you everything, i have education for at least a year and more...thank you Kara”

paul v.

“This is the best investment I've ever made. Can't wait to try these tomorrow.”

Iris S.


Laurie Anne K.

“This is fantastic and the price on this series is ridiculous indeed! She’s amazing in articulating the poses and the absolute best is that her boudoir poses are not at all classic boudoir it’s not all boobs and butts, it’s much more portraiture with sensuality. Love it, Kara, masterpiece!!!”

Klara B.

“Awesome! Love the clear direction. I'm doing a portfolio shoot today with a gorgeous girl! She has short hair ... would love to see a boudoir shoot session with someone with sexy short hair too! ;-)”

Janna S.

“Fantastic! Can't wait to try these poses! :)”

Anita B.

“I'm loving Kara's beautiful, classy boudoir style! She makes all the poses flow and I love how we can create multiple poses without moving the subject. Can't wait to try these out with my shoot this week!”

Christa C.

“This was so helpful! I can't wait to implement it all!!!!”

Angie W.

“I've always wanted to shoot boudoir, but hated how cheesy and (often nasty) it looked. I looooove this high fashion, empowering style. Thank you for this valuable information.”

Mawiyah J.

“This price is ridiculous! If you want to learn from the top in this industry and you like CLASSY boudoir...Buy it Now!!”

melissa f.