The Boudoir Series

by Kara Marie

Included in this Bundle:

In the styling segment of this course, Kara Marie will be covering several important factors for creating an outstanding look in your boudoir photography. She’ll start with hair and makeup considerations, followed by some of the most popular types of lingerie, so you can help your clients look their very best. Kara Marie will also share some of her favorite wardrobe options that are going to help you create a variety of different looks without lingerie, using standard wardrobe pieces that are already in your closet. Finally, she will give you simple tips on how to maximize the use of the boudoir set you have to work with – without breaking the bank. All of these styling tips combined will start you on the right path to making sure your clients and your images look amazing.

6 Reviews

“Je viens d'acheter le workshop et je suis très très contente et fascinée. Je voulais savoir où je pourrais trouver les magnifiques jupes ballet (j'ai cherché sur Amazon français mais je ne trouve pas 😞 . Si vous pouvez m'envoyer un lien avec ces jupes s'il vous plaît... je serai reconnaissante”

Coserea A.

“Thank you! I’m feeling more and more prepared with every segment ????”

Christine D.

“This is great! Love the simplicity and versatility.”

Denise D.

“Hi! What is your perspective on advising clients to get a spray tan before their session?”

Elyte B.

“Love the layers”

Sara B.

“Excellent overview! I have so many ideas now. Thank you for simplifying the process! :)”

Anita B.