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Don’t worry, the technical side of getting set up to run ads is not as hard as you might think it will be!

In this lesson, Ashleigh teaches you the technical must-haves in order to be in compliance with Facebook’s rules and to make sure everything is in order for you to get accurate data from your ads. Ashleigh takes you through every  step, showing you exactly how to accomplish each one. 

4 Reviews

“I didn't understand at ALL how to do the pixel or custom audiences or conversions. I really appreciate Ashleigh breaking it down not just in how, but why each is done. Thanks so much for this module!”

Angie W.

“Ooh my gosh. It took me all day to set up pixel, because apparently I set it up on my personal Facebook. It said I can't see events on personal, and had to "upgrade to a business account". It took FOREVER to sort through the pixel mess from there. But, thank you for the heads up that I needed to do all these little steps.”

Nekoda M.

“really good and simple. The only thing I'd say is that who doesn't have ad blockers! I just to have to hope my pixel is working properly”

Janette E.

“So happy you also use Squarespace! Makes it easy to follow”

Bobbi-Jo S.