The Boudoir Series

by Kara Marie

Post Production

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As a busy photographer, spending extra time on a full retouch for every session image is impossible. In this post-production segment, Kara Marie will demonstrate how she polishes her client’s images using easy techniques such as skin smoothing, responsible use of the liquify tool, and quick dodging and burning – all in just a few minutes per image. Discover Kara Marie’s prioritized editing workflow to create stunning images your clients will treasure for a lifetime.

3 Reviews

“Great course so far!! Hi Any chance of the raw files like Pratik supplies, so we can practice and time ourselves with the edits? Thanks.”

Steve G.

“Csilla R. I found it here:”

Chad C.

“Dear Kara, I have been watching your videos and they are great! Thank you! However, I have a question in relation ProTouch2.0 - I could not find where I could purchase this product. Do you have any links where I could get that from? Also you mentioned that you had that software for few years now, is it still available or do you have an alternative recommendation? Thank you kindly.”

Csilla R.