The Boudoir Series

by Kara Marie


(4 customer reviews)

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In this segment, Kara Marie will discuss her favorite lighting styles that compliment the genre of boudoir photography. She will show you how to maximize the efficiency and capture multiple images by simply changing your camera angle instead of moving your client. She will demonstrate her client’s most requested lighting style, the semi-silhouette, and show you how to easily replicate this look with natural light or a one-light studio setup. Create instant drama with Kara Marie’s very moody low-key lighting. All of her setups are easy to recreate whether you have natural light or not. Let Kara Marie show you how!

4 Reviews

“SUPER simple to follow along and gorgeous outcome(s). Thank you!”

Mawiyah J.

“Super inspired. Thank you for breaking it down!! I'm ready to experiment. :)”

Anita B.

“Ah-Mazing! These videos really give me the insight I’ve been looking for! The natural light in my studio is not ideal having South facing windows. I’ve recently purchased an 8x8 scrim and can’t wait to apply these techniques this week! She explains everything in a way that’s easy to understand and the direction she gives the model is very helpful as well. Excited to learn more from you Kara!!!”

Ashlee R.

“Kara Marie is such a great teacher, methodical and succinct, moving from one Lighting scenario to the next. Directions to the model are very specific and I’ll be practicing accordingly so I can get my session times under two hours. This course is going to pay for itself with the first session utilizing her techniques. Thank you Kara Marie for sharing your knowledge with the Portrait Masters community!”

Lavona G.