The Boudoir Series

by Kara Marie

Fundamentals of Boudoir Photography

(10 customer reviews)

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What’s Included?

Be inspired by Kara Marie’s philosophies and discover why boudoir is a powerful genre of photography. Kara Marie starts by discussing the importance of building your client’s confidence. Your client needs to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera in order to create beautiful boudoir images.  She then dives into a key fundamental that is essential for any type of photographer: establishing your target demographic.

10 Reviews

“I have gotten a lot out of this! I wanted to make sure that I have a great foundation to begin my career with and I have received that and more! Thank you so much!”

Ben C.

“Why did I wait so long to purchase.... and then actually watch after purchasing?? Amazing!! Thank Kara!”

Jo Ellen V.

“LOVE this! These ideas make it so easy to hone in. Did all the homework except the photoshoots and am even more confident about where I’m headed. Thank you Kara!”

Christine D.

“I just can't tell you how much it means to me that you are completely transparent and have provided such amazing content. I started my boudoir business about a year ago and I just turned 50 this year. I've been doing photography as a hobby since I was in my teens and so scared to just take the plunge but never putting down my camera. I start to think I'm too old to do this and then I crush those limiting beliefs because I am a successful career woman and I know I can offer so much through this genre. I have been struggling so much with how to create my mission statement and target my ideal client. I've been so stuck for months on how to word it and really get my message out there on my website for woman in their 40's and 50's who are strong badasses, like me :) lol. Women who are at a different stage, who have reached a certain level of inner sophistication and maturity and are looking for that type of boudoir experience. This is what I feel when I see your body of work. Your such an inspiration. And i just started the course, I am so excited to get through the rest of the series. Thank you Again!”

Aymee P.

“I bought this course when i was very early stages of starting my Boudoir business, 6 months in with a few clients under my belt i am back re-watching it and its really great material, thanks so much for the great content Kara Marie. Much Love, Hilary.”

Hilary H.

“Amazing how much I've learned so far and I'm only getting started. So exciting.”

Iris S.

“Brilliant, though and eye opening. Kara is a natural teacher.”

Klara B.

“This is so thorough and clear. I am doing the homework and already feel so much clearer on my brand identity and target client. This is such gold - Kara Marie is a brilliant business woman and educator!”

Tabitha A.

“I am excited to actually put pen on paper to determine who my target market is. This was a great module for setting the foundation. Intention is key! Also great suggestions for Blog posts to educate potential clients. Took lots of notes!”

Teira F.

“I have been a boudoir photographer for 5 years but I have not kept up my end of the bargain on details and marketing. So much good stuff already on this first section!!”

Ivy T.