Boundless Boudoir

by Kara Marie

Contemporary Boudoir – Clothed

(2 customer reviews)


Contemporary boudoir style is an excellent way to test the waters of boudoir with a client who comes in for a traditional portrait shoot. The wardrobe can be normal street clothes, such as a simple sundress, but you can add a boudoir feel by exposing more skin, creating interest with shaping the body and doing detail shots, and by shifting to a Vogue-style lighting. Creating a contemporary boudoir feel is all about getting playful and adjusting the mood.

2 Reviews

“This section alone was well worth the price of admission! I've dabbled with my one light setup, but this has me fired up to take it more seriously!”

Kimberly M.

“Love this section. I have never worked with strobes, but I feel like I need to figure it out!”

Teira F.