Boundless Boudoir

by Kara Marie

Classic Boudoir in Lingerie

(3 customer reviews)


Classic boudoir is the quintessential style of boudoir – in lingerie with a bedroom set. You can shoot this in all different types of styles. In these lessons, Kara Marie shows you how to achieve a classic, timeless look. She starts with confidence-building, comfortable poses before moving into more challenging, sensual posing.

3 Reviews

“Nice approach to getting the client comfortable.”

Anne .

“I can tell just by watching the first section, this entire series will change so much for me. I love the big reminder to have fun and make a mess! Starting “off” of the bed, with a robe or cover up to warm up the session is great advice. Thank you 😊”

Dorothea V.

“I loved this classic boudoir lesson. I’ve always struggled with how to begin the shoot, so that the client can start to feel comfortable in front of the camera. So this was spot on… from the layering of the robe at the beginning to the flow of moving from sitting to standing and then onto the bed. So much value here.. thank you Kara!”

Aymee P.