Sell Your Work

by Russell Hamlet


(5 customer reviews)

Network marketing is arguably one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools a photographer can implement in their business. In fact, it was one of the marketing strategies that Russell built his business around and ran effectively for 20 years. Listen as Russell shares with you tips on what to say and when, little ways to overcome fears that might be holding you back, and how to create a powerful and successful marketing strategy. If you’ve been struggling with network marketing, let Russell’s tips evolve your business and achieve the clientele you’ve been visualizing.

5 Reviews

“Legend thanks so much for the tip. On it like a car bonnet 💥🤩💯”

Oliver D.

“Thank you for the tip, how can i have the template of what to write in the Gift Vouchers”

Khakedeh F.

“I’m really looking forward to implementing this!”

Mawiyah J.

“Awesome information..”

Terrence A.

“This is so great!!! Thank you so much for this Russell!!!”

Kelly D.