Sell Your Work

by Russell Hamlet

My Selling Philosophy

(4 customer reviews)

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In this first segment, Russell shares his philosophy that underlines everything he has done to build his career in photography and by what means he has used love to elevate his portrait business. He also explains what valuable standards are for your studio and how to implement them in your business to bring added purpose. Whether you’re a one-person operation or a multi-staffed studio, Russell’s philosophy in business is one of the most significant assets you can master.

4 Reviews

“I love all of these modules! Russell is such a great educator and talks in a way that makes so much sense. I have been guilty of not doing a great job on the consultation and it has created heartache on the back end. This is such a great module!!!”

Kelly D.

“This was an excellent module. Russell you are is calm and great insight. Great information that I will put practice into my just starting business. When my daughter got married I thought her photographer looked like a slob, her hair was a mess, frumpy cloths. I knew that her appearance was unprofessional. Being a photographer I was embarrassed at the ceremony and reception. I feel that treating your clients with love is the secret to forever clients. Treat them as you would like to be treated. Bravo Russell on a fabulous module. I will come back to it several times . Thank you with love and hugs <3”

Donna A.

“Loved this! Great presentation--Russell is so calm and assuring. Great information and tips! I agree with Rachel R., I will add a bit more POLISH, which may be the secret sauce for my clients and my business. I send them off with love, hugs and smiles, but now I will walk them to their car and help them in. This is just one of the details I will implement that Russell mentioned. There are so many! Thank you, Russell. Big hug to you!”

Shawna O.

“This was an excellent module. I've been 'in business' for 25 years. I see how I have picked up some bad habits that made me a mediocre and unremarkable experience. Now I can see how getting the non-photography aspects POLISHED have worked for successful people. I can't wait to get these into practice.”

rachel r.