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The Portrait Masters

Awards & Accreditation

Open for entries on July 1, 2019

How it Works


Submit Your Images

You may submit unlimited images into any of the 9 categories. Every image is reviewed by 5 judges and an average score is given.

Receive Image Awards

Images that receive a score of 70 or higher have met professional standards and receive either a bronze, silver or gold award.

Win Category Awards

If your image receives the highest score of the category, you win the category and become eligible to win the overall Grand Master award.

Earn Accreditation

If your image earns a bronze, silver or gold award, you will receive points toward becoming an Accredited Portrait Masters Photographer.

Award Levels


70-79 points
Bronze images have met professional standards and earn .5 accreditation points.


80-89 points
Silver images are above average in many areas and earn 1 accreditation point.


90-100 points
Gold exhibits the highest level of professional skills and earn 2 accreditation points.

Select Your Genre

The Categories

Contemporary Portrait

A portrait of one person male or female showing personality & connection.

Family & Group Portrait

A portrait of two or more family members that capture their connection.

Maternity Portrait (NEW!)

A portrait of one pregnant female or depiction of a baby bump.

Newborn Portrait

A portrait of a newborn baby or multiple babies birth age to one-year-old.

Boudoir Portrait

A portrait that celebrates intimate beauty and sensuality defined as boudoir.

Teen & Senior Portrait

A portrait of an individual teen or high school senior within the ages of 13-19.

Children’s Portrait

A portrait of an individual child within the ages of 1-12.

Creative Portrait

A fine-art portrait that has a unique theme or style including fantasy & composite.

Pet Portrait

A pet with people and/or family, or just pets alone.

How To Enter

Log In
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Pick a Category
(See above for descriptions)
Upload Your Images
(As many as you would like)
Complete Payment
($20 per image)

You can enter each category as many times as you like. Read the description of each category and submit photos through the online submission process that fit those guidelines. Your submission may be disqualified if it does not fit the applicable category guidelines. Each of the seven category winners will be automatically entered for an opportunity to win the Portrait Masters Grand Award. By submitting your image, you agree to all terms and conditions. Click the button below for important details and rules.

Full Competition Details and Rules

Past Winners & Top Images

Award Galleries

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