Words for Photographers – A Simple Guide to Unlocking Your Sales Potential

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Damaly Shepherd’s new marketing course will help you find the words to attract the clients who need and appreciate you most.

Join Damaly as she guides you through the process of understanding how your unique values inform the experience you provide. You’ll learn to speak confidently and authentically so you can attract clients who are excited to give you 5-star reviews!

Included in this Bundle:

What’s Included?

36 Lessons

36 bite-sized lessons, including 8 coaching sessions with professional photographers. Watch them in order or jump to what you need immediate help with. Learn at your own pace on your own time.

Lifetime Streaming Access

Lifetime streaming access in your Portrait Masters Store account

Bonus Materials

76 page Words For Photgraphers: The Work Book

What You’ll Learn


I Know What I Have to Offer


The lessons in this module are all about getting firmly rooted in what you create, how you create, who you want to work with and what makes working with you so special. Testimonials provide you with invaluable information, and here you’ll learn great questions to ask in them, and you’ll learn how to use them to understand how to speak to clients who will give you more great testimonials. You’re also going to receive and begin working with questions that will help you articulate who you are and why you do what you do. Your answers will become the bedrock that your marketing is built on, and the accompanying Words for Photographers Workbook will be your guide to uncovering this goldmine that is already within you.

Lessons in this module

00:13 Intro to Words For Photographers
16:59 Course Breakdown and Prep Tips
03:51 Audience Intros
02:00 Testimonials
02:14 After You've Received Testimonials
15:05 Coaching - All About Testimonials
09:40 Capture Your Essence
05:48 Your Origin Story
11:28 Coaching - Capture Your Essence Part 1
22:29 Coaching - Capture Your Essence Part 2
07:07 Your Iceberg
13:16 Coaching - Your Iceberg
12:56 Let's Talk About Money
07:19 5-Star Clients
20:06 Coaching - 5-Star Clients



Sometimes we hesitate to share our values in our marketing, but more and more consumers actively seek out companies who they feel deeply aligned with. Values are your principles, standards of behavior, and judgements about what is important to you in life. Bringing your values into your marketing can help you build stronger relationships with your clients. This alone can become the difference between a lukewarm experience and five-star client reviews. In these lessons, you’ll look deeply at your values, come to understand how they inform the work you do, and you’ll develop a sense of your boundaries and comfortability with sharing them in your marketing. You’ll also learn how to build campaigns connected to your values and learn how you can use campaign-style marketing in your day-to-day operations.

Lessons in this module

00:23 Intro to Values
14:04 The Importance of Your Values
03:08 Setting Boundaries
03:19 Am I Virtue Signaling?
02:48 Values Temperature Check
08:18 Choosing Your Values
34:48 Coaching: Values & Boundaries
06:31 Campaigns & Values
01:46 Values Wrap-Up

Cultivating Your Practice Of Being Online


Love it or hate it — people tend to have strong feelings about social media. In these lessons, we’ll take a deep look at our social media presence, how we view it, how we view ourselves in it, and how we want to engage it going forward. Damaly will teach you how to take control of your social media presence so that you can engage confidently and consistently, overcoming its negativity and harnessing the magical potential inherent in it.

Lessons in this module

00:50 Intro to Cultivating Your Practice & Being Online
08:29 What's Holding You Back From Being Online?
28:25 Coaching - What's Holding You Back?
07:38 Why Show Up?
11:34 Coaching - IG Audit- Rebecca Shepherd
08:17 Coaching - IG Audit - Ore Adesina
10:11 Coaching - IG Audit - Jasmyn Coleman
02:36 Your Content Plan

Writing Your Content


Now that we’ve done our prep work, examined our blocks, and realigned with a powerful mindset, it’s time to get into writing the content that we’ll use to put ourselves into the world. Damaly will give you tips to help your writing flow with ease. She’ll give you a reliable framework you can use to create social media posts, and you’ll get a ton of questions and content starters that you can refer to again and again.

Lessons in this module

00:36 Intro to Writing Your Content
23:45 Mindset Tips for Creating Content
10:12 B.E.S.T. Framework for Creating Content
02:40 Intro to Words For Your Campaigns
34:07 Coaching - Words For Your Campaigns Part 1
26:00 Coaching - Words For Your Campaigns Part 2

Damaly & Sue Bryce Interview


In this lesson, Damaly sits down with photography education guru Sue Bryce for a deep conversation on self-value. Sue is an expert on self-value, and in this conversation, she shares how to understand your self-value, and she gives you her hard-won wisdom on how to work with the intensity of being a businessperson marketing on social media. Sue is also a master of manifestation, and in this conversation, she reveals how to get aligned with your inherent value so that your marketing words can be infused with it, and you can manifest the wealth you deserve.

Lessons in this module

56:12 Damaly Interviews Sue Bryce

Content Clinic


It is normal to experience difficult moments and dips in our business. Without the lulls, we can’t experience greater levels of success. In this final lesson, Damaly and the photographer entrepreneurs in the room share their experiences of working with low times in their business and how they got through them. You’ll learn about reasons we get stuck, how to handle the emotions that come up when it happens, and how to get right back in the game.

Lessons in this module

01:08 Intro to Content Clinic
24:18 When Things Fall Apart
18:19 Coaching - Content Clinic

In this six-part course, Damaly Shepherd provides the coaching you need to speak up and market your work with confidence. She’ll ask the questions that help you understand the essence of the service you provide, and you’ll receive prompts that guide you in creating marketing that tells your authentic story to the world. This course was designed to help you create and share a post to market your business in less than 15 minutes a day.

Words for Photographers will help you understand why trying to talk to everyone leaves you talking to no one. Instead, you’ll learn how to focus on your ideal, 5-star clients – the ones who resonate with your values and service and who will be at the front of the line eager to work with you. Working along in the comprehensive Words for Photographers Workbook, you’ll come away with the confidence to sell your business at full value in a way that feels true and resonant for you, and you’ll have prompts you can visit again and again to master content generation once and for all.

Overcome your fear of selling your work publicly and create marketing with ease. Understand your unique position in the market and exactly why your clients are excited to pay for your work. Bring your social media to life, forming deeper connections to your clients by creating the kind of content that makes them feel you’re talking directly to them. Build your confidence, create content with ease and flow, and become a competent marketer once and for all.

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“I just want to say, Damaly has a way with words and I am so excited she is here to teach us to learn how to use our words! I just finished Words for Photographers and it was everything I hoped it would be and then some. I feel so much more confident putting what I want to say out there and putting it out there in my voice and not the voice I always felt like I needed to use. Damaly has you rethinking the definition of "professional" and gives you the permission you need to be yourself. I cannot recommend this course enough. Writing posts for my social media is so much easier and I cannot wait to dive in an rework my website copy, too! Thanks Damaly and TPM for being amazing!”

Erin B.