The Art of Draping Bundle

Create a high-fashion, couture studio wardrobe without blowing your budget with this course bundle from Lola Melani. Still no sewing skills required!  


The Art of Draping - by Lola Melani

Imagine creating your own couture studio wardrobe of beautiful gowns for your photo shoots without compromising your budget.

In this exclusive new course, Lola teaches you the magic of draping and tossing fabric, as well as tips on choosing the right fabric to create extraordinary portraits.

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The Art of Draping II - by Lola Melani

Imagine creating your own high-fashion looks without having to splurge on expensive gowns for your clients.

In her new course, Lola builds on The Art of Draping to teach you even more about the magic of working with fabrics, including how to tie and pleat in ways that enhance your clients’ unique features.

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 NOT AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE Combine The Art of Draping I & II and learn how to use 28 different fabrics to create magic in the studio. From draping and tossing techniques to fashion hacks and fabric selection, to lighting diagrams, gear lists and shopping resources, these courses give you everything you need to create extraordinary portraits.