My signature setup! I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars with this setup. You’ll learn how to take beautifully lit photos in a small space indoors using only a window, sheer curtains, and a reflector. With this easy setup, you need only minimal equipment and you can do it anywhere that has a window. 

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You don’t need a big space to create gorgeous images. The most important factor is light. Nikki shares what kind of light exposure is ideal for taking great images, and she teaches you how simple it can be to set it up.

*Watch a slideshow of the final images at the end of the segment!

2 Reviews

“As we know from her interviews on the Portrait Masters Podcast, Nikki is highly intelligent and articulate...while also relatable and practical. These traits, and of course her formidable experience and expertise, make her the ideal creator and instructor for this topic. I have pretty much only used strobes and saved so much time and trouble by turning to Felix's Lighting Series. I have recently ventured into natural light - with underwhelming results. Natural Light Masterclass proved to be what I hoped it would and more.”

Thomas M.

“Great class”

Dale D.