Raw Portraits

by Mitzi Starkweather

Included in this Bundle:

Mitzi delves into the critical role of lighting and camera equipment in crafting emotive portraits. She shares her personal approach to selecting and using gear, from lens choices to lighting setups. Mitzi emphasizes the importance of understanding the tools at your disposal, encouraging experimentation and adaptation to find the perfect combination for each unique session. This lesson offers insights into how the placement of just one light can dramatically alter the mood and focus of a portrait. Mitzi’s guidance is grounded in the philosophy that the technical aspects of photography should not overshadow the connection with the subject, but rather enhance the authenticity of the moment.

1 Reviews

“I love the rawness of using natural light. There is always room for play, is what I got from this module. weather I use artificial light, or natural light. I get to try it all and explore how I want to use light to tell my client's story.”

Layra M.