Raw Portraits

by Mitzi Starkweather

Included in this Bundle:

Raw Portraits is about your creative journey as a photographer who loves to see clients light up because you have documented them through the lens of love. Even if you are already offering fully styled glamour portraits, you can add raw portraits to bring even more value to your brand. When you shoot in a stripped-down way, you have the potential to improve your craft, including lighting and posing, and your client connection can also get a boost. Mitzi recommends also taking self-portraits in this style, so you can lean into your own discomfort about your appearance. As Teri Hofford says, “There’s no judgement in curiosity,” and when you approach yourself and your clients in this loving, tender way, what you’ll find is profoundly transformative healing for yourself and for your clients. 

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“Great introduction to your class!! I'm even more excited to dig in to the content now!!!”

Randi C.

“Mitzi, I am so happy you are offering this class!”

Julie K.

“Excited to dive in!”

Layra M.

“So inspiring! Love what you're sharing and calling other photographers to think about and engage in, as artists and human beings.”

Ariane U.