Raw Portraits

by Mitzi Starkweather

Included in this Bundle:

In this lesson, Mitzi shares how she came to offer “As I Am” sessions in addition to her fully stylized “Luxe” sessions. As photographers, our vocation is to see the beauty in others and reflect it back to them. We do that in glam shoots, and it’s equally important to offer shoots where people can show up just as they are. Mitzi reveals her process for learning to accept ourselves through self-portraiture that enables us to show up in a judgement-free way for our clients. In embracing imperfection and breaking the rules, we can create an accepting space for clients to relax and be themselves. In this lesson, Mitzi also shares how she prepares clients for her raw, un-retouched shoots, the 3-parts to each session, and how she creates a positive, loving reveal session. 

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“Wow! I'm fired up after this!”

Tyler C.

“This is truly game-changing!”

Julie K.

“This was so powerful!”

Layra M.

“Wow! "What you want to heal in others, heal in yourself first", so true -thank you!”

Ariane U.

“Embracing your imperfections is embracing yourself. Thanks for this eye opener.”

Maik J.

“SO good!”

Kirsten B.


Sasha M.