Raw Portraits

by Mitzi Starkweather

Included in this Bundle:

Mitzi reviews key points from the course and offers guidance for how to push farther into areas that may have raised doubts and questions for you. She offers prompts to help you come to a deeper understanding of how to build a raw portrait experience that you truly love. When we align with our passion, letting go of self-imposed barriers and limitations, we position ourselves to provide a client experience that is truly honoring and transformative. This is the energy that can shift the culture and the world by bringing more love into the art you create and into your clients’ lives. 

3 Reviews

“I just love this. Can’t wait to do my first Raw session. I am so moved. Thank you!”

Michelle R.

“Mitzi, I've never purchased a course and binge watched it the entire way through. This course was so refreshing, and authentic. You've explained your process so well and I cannot wait to go out and try it out in my studio. Thank you so much for sharing your story and being you. I feel like this course hit me at the right place and the right time. Thank you!”

Stephanie E.

“That's funny because I got into this business exactly because of the reason Mitzi's talking about. I thought it's gonna be easy and profitable. But turned out I couldn't do it that way and didn't care about people's emotions. I wanted to give people photos of themselves. The real and honest ones. I've found out that Peter Lindbergh is my favorite photographer. And most of my clients were choosing photos that were "I love this! This is Me!" I'm so happy that we have this course now, that we have the very solid base on which we can build what's important for us. Thank you, Mitzi!!”

Nadezda G.