Raw Portraits

by Mitzi Starkweather

Included in this Bundle:

What if you offered a photoshoot that revealed how your clients feel vulnerable about themselves? What if those portraits were so powerful and incredible that your clients loved them, printed them, and hung them on the wall? What if the idea of leaning into their vulnerability was the very thing that drew them to you? 

In this special bonus lesson, Mitzi shares her full ‘As I Am’ photoshoot with Sue Bryce, founder of The Portrait System and a reveal session with Melissa, someone Mitzi connected with through Sue Bryce’s Self-Value workshop. Both were so moved by Mitzi’s ‘Raw Portraits’ that they had to have a session, too. Both talk about how the very vulnerability of ‘Raw Portraits’ is what drew them in and made them feel so empowered by the shoot. 

Watch the shoot with Sue Bryce from start to finish with commentary by Sue and Mitzi. In the video with Melissa, Mitzi and Melissa go over the images Melissa chose and talk about why they both felt so moved and inspired by them.