In this mini-course, Richard shows us 3 techniques for enhancing the natural color of the eyes.

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In this mini-course, Richard shows us how to enhance the eyes to make them pop.

11 Reviews

“I use each of these small video instructions for my editing now and wow - how simple, to the point and effective they are! Love it, big thank you!”

Nataliya V.

“Wow, this is so effective, love this.....”

Richard K.

“This is great, thanks! I always love learning new ways to do things.”

Nicole J.

“Quick and easy!! Perfectly natural result!!”

Sherry P.


Jose S.

“Just purchased! Richard is amazing! I love all of his videos!”

Constance B.


Jose S.

“Amazing, thank you”

Darren K.

“You learn something new every day! Great and simple techniques!”

Jennifer P.


Annemarie M.

“Very natural looking effects, great techniques.”

Dennis R.