Breakout Group A2: Unveiling the Creative Portrait Process | Richard Wood


Experience award-winning creative portrait and illustrative photographer Richard Wood’s groundbreaking course on the creative process.

In this class, you will be guided through methods for becoming immersed in your own imagination. Then, you will discover techniques for creating unique, captivating images that evoke emotion and tell compelling stories.

Learn the art of turning simple creative ideas into stunning pieces of art through Richard’s expert techniques in lighting, shooting, and post-production.

Note: If you purchase this course, you cannot purchase a course in Group B2 as they overlap.

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Included in this Bundle:

Join award-winning illustrative photographer Richard Wood for a course that will stretch the boundaries of your imagination and open your eyes to an expansive creative portrait process.

Throughout the class, Richard will emphasize the importance of storytelling and effective planning for your vision, exploring skills essential for bringing your images to life. You’ll explore methods to discover emotionally-evocative ideas and learn how to bring them to completion in Photoshop with tools like compositing, color grading, and layering.

When you know how to join emotional storytelling with technical skill, your images will achieve awe-inspiring results.