Breakout Group A1: Words for Photographers | Damaly Shepherd


Are you at a loss for words when it comes to effectively marketing your extraordinary photography business?

Join award-winning photographer and educator Damaly Shepherd as she unveils the secret to capturing the attention of potential clients by showcasing the transformative experience of stepping in front of your camera.

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Included in this Bundle:

In this 2-hour interactive class, you’ll dive headfirst into the realm of content marketing strategy. Damaly will provide an immersive coaching experience, tailored specifically to address the unique challenges and queries challenging your business and marketing endeavors.

Under Damaly’s expert guidance, you will be introduced to her framework, “Capturing Your Essence,” which will empower you to weave narratives with your own words. You will discover the art of crafting powerful written content for your audience.

Just as your camera captures extraordinary visuals, you too can harness the power of language to express your passion and vision with confidence. Get ready to revolutionize your marketing approach and ignite a whole new level of success for your photography business!



Damaly Shepherd is on a mission to help artists speak up boldly about their incredible work. As a Portrait Photographer and Marketing Coach, she believes that we all have something incredibly special to say. Her goal is to help photographers move past the blocks that stop them from sharing their work with the world by connecting to the most genuine and authentic version of themselves and by deepening their connection to the work that they create all the time. 


Damaly has tapped into her own background of how she overcame desperately wanting to put herself out there and share her work with the world and takes a personalized approach to her coaching to help you overcome it, too, tailoring Words for Photographers to your unique circumstances and niche so that you can create a plan that you actually want to implement and take action on. 


If you are ready to speak up and speak loudly so that your clients can actually hear you, Damaly’s Words for Photographers workshop is the place to be.