Breakout Group A1: Fashion Inspired Portraits | Leslie Andrews


Uncover the secrets behind crafting captivating fashion-forward portraits with incredible lighting in this two-hour course. Join Leslie as she shows you the advanced artistry that sets successful photo sessions above the ordinary into something extraordinary.

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Included in this Bundle:

Embark on a journey with Leslie as she shares her transition from the world of fashion photography to the realm of beauty and branding, where she merged her clients’ desires for a fashion-forward aesthetic with her own distinct lighting techniques.

Learn how to create stunning images that not only distinguish you from the competition but also impress your clients. In this class you will discover:

  • Leslie’s repertoire of fashion-inspired lighting setups
  • How to use mood boards to fashion visually striking and stylized images.
  • Insider tips and techniques for capturing poses that are fashion-forward.
  • The art of storytelling using color palettes, wardrobe selections, and creative props.

You will leave this class with innovative ideas and techniques that will bring your imagery into the realm of high fashion!