It’s that tricky time of the day after high noon, but before the glowy light of golden hour. I show you how to navigate that light so that you can take beautifully lit photos no matter what!

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Nikki continues to explore different desert locations. With the sun behind your client, she shows how you can experiment with your angle and bringing the light directly into the lens.

*Watch a slideshow of the final images at the end of the segment!

3 Reviews

“It's been good to see the difference in models, One experienced and one not....”

Dale D.

“Love this shoot Nikki. You rate 5 stars.. Only remark, when saying the camera setting please slow down. I couldn't tell of ISO was 50 or 250, after listing I thought it was 250.”


“What a great variety of portraits in a short time span. Beautiful setting and great flow posing!”

Veronica D.