Unlock The Power of Lightroom

with Kristina Sherk


Using Lightroom will dramatically reduce your editing time and speed up your workflow. Lightroom allows you to edit your images in an organized way. With Kristina’s Lightroom mini-courses and bundle, she will walk you through how to leverage the power of Lightroom. From retouching skin, eyes, and more, she will show you all the tips and tricks to get you up and running in Lightroom – FAST!

Kristina’s Lightroom Mini Course Bundle

Purchase Kristi Sherk’s Lightroom Mini Course Bundle to save on her four courses – Intro to Lightroom for Portrait Photographers, Retouching Skin in Lightroom, Dodge & Burn in Lightroom, and Retouching Eyes in Lightroom. Save on this bundle and master all the tools Lightroom has to offer. Read more about each mini-course below.

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Individual Lightroom Mini-courses

Intro to Lightroom for Portrait Photographers

If you are a photographer that knows Photoshop and Camera Raw then this is the perfect introduction to Lightroom class for you! Watch as Kristina shows you all the new and improved tools that have been added to Lightroom that are great especially portrait photographers. Join in and master all the tools and possibilities that Lightroom has to offer. This mini-course is 32 minutes long.

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Retouching Eyes in Lightroom

Editing eyes can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be! In this class, Kristina breaks down editing eyes step-by-step in an easy to understand concept. Watch as she walks you through getting rid of veins, how to soften the whites of the eyes, creating more dimension and even creates eyelashes. Join Kristina as she makes retouching eyes in Lightroom easy! This mini-course is 37 minutes long.

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Retouching Skin in Lightroom

Recent updates to Lightroom have revolutionized tools that will allow you to get higher quality results when smoothing skin. Start capitalizing on these new tools and get proficient with your workflow by keeping all your edits in one spot. Join Kristina in this Lightroom class devoted to skin retouching and stop bouncing from program to program, as it’s time you start working smarter and not harder! This mini-course is 39 minutes long.

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Dodge & Burn in Lightroom

We are all familiar with the dodge and burn tools in Photoshop but did you know you can achieve the same results in Lightroom? If you’re looking for a tool to make your images pop and create a 3-dimensional feeling to your portraits, then this is the technique you need to learn! Kristina will not only show you how you can use dodge and burn on skin but also on other features such as hair and removing wrinkles out of clothes. Join Kristina and revolutionize the way you edit your images.

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