Infinite Texture

AI-Powered Overlay and Texture Discovery and Compositing

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Infinite Texture


Browse through 70,000 commercially licensed files sorted via artificial intelligence and explore limitless imaginative possibilities for your image.

  • Discover and Add High-Resolution Overlays
  • Unique AI-Powered Visual Search
  • Adjust How Similar or Unalike Your Results Are
  • Includes Access to 70,000 Commercially Licensed Files
  • Reverse Image Search With AI-Match
  • Eliminates Trial and Error with AI-Resizing, Placement Options, and Auto-Masking

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Infinite Texture’s unique interface lets you search for overlays by text or visually without leaving photoshop. To venture further, use the panel’s Randomness Slider to adjust how similar or unalike your results are, exposing you to options you may not have initially considered. AI-Powered sorting helps you achieve your creative vision by making the process far more intuitive.

The Infinite Tools team built the panel’s extensive database with photographers in mind. Spanning the genres of particles, dust, smoke, nature, CGI art, and more, Infinite Texture delivers all 70,000 files in high resolution, pre-masked, and with a preset blending mode.

Also included with Infinite Texture is a commercial usage license for the entire image database. Unlike stock photography sites, this is a one-time fee incorporated into the purchase price so that you can publish your work without worry or added costs.

With the AI-Match feature, you can reverse image search textures using any source image regardless of quality to retrieve visually similar high-resolution files covered under our usage license.

Once you’ve selected a texture or overlay, the panel’s powerful AI also handles the resizing to match your photoshop file eliminating any trial and error. You can also choose from several placement options, orientations, and auto mask functions, leaving only the final finessing up to you.

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