Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the 2018 Portrait Masters Conference, select a question below for details:

The Portrait Masters 2018

What is included with my $1,800.00 conference purchase?

Please reference the list at the top The Conference page. But in short: Access to ALL conference activities on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday along with breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day (except Tuesday)

What's the schedule?

The full schedule can be found here.

Is food included?

Yes! All food is included with your ticket price. We’ll provide a light breakfast and a full lunch along with a full dinner (except for Friday, dinner is on your own).The conference is catered and menus for each meal will be posted in the next few weeks.

Will you be sending me Physical Tickets for the event?

No. You will receive a receipt after purchase and you’re name will be on the list at registration when you arrive! If you haven’t received a receipt confirming your purchase, please e-mail

Do you have any group rates or discounts for Hotels that are not the Conference Hotel?

No, unfortunately not.

Are my 2018 Tickets refundable or transferable?

Ticket purchases for The Portrait Masters Conference 2018 are refundable through May 31st, 2018. Effective June 1st, 2018 all sales are final. Refund requests should be submitted via email to before June 1st. Tickets can not be transferred or sold to other members at any time

I am booked at a hotel other then the conference hotel. What amenities do I have access to at the conference hotel as a conference ticket holder?

Only amenities associates with conference (No Pool Access, No Gym Access, No Spa Access)

I am not staying at the hotel. Will there be somewhere for me to safely store my camera gear or other belongings during the conference?

The conference itself won’t have a specific place you can leave your personal belongings, best case scenario is that you leave things where you are staying, or in a pinch, you can likely leave things with the front desk for a short period of time.

Is parking included when I rent a room at the hotel or is that an additional fee?

It is free with rental of a room

What does the catering of the event include?

Catering will vary by meal, a list of menus will be posted on this website closer to the event. Regardless, what we know at this moment is that the food will be buffet style via a catering service. Also, if you would like to request vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free choices please fill out this form so we can have a better idea of numbers.

My spouse and children are coming with me - will they be able to attend evening festivities?

Feel free to bring your spouse to the conference parties! Your children are also welcome if they are over 21 (All evening festivities are 21+). All other conference events and meals require a conference ticket.

Is there mandatory clothing attire for the conference?

Nope, no mandatory clothing or dress code. It is worth noting that it will be very, very warm in Phoenix, so be sure and wear comfortable, light weight attire.

If traveling from the UK and other European countries is there anything I need to do or consider?

Attendees traveling from the UK or other European countries- make sure you have your ETSA form approved before going to the airport.

What time does the Conference start on the 4th?

Registration will begin at 3:00p on the 4th and we will be hosting a Welcome Party around 6:00p.

I have special dietary needs due to allergies or medical conditions. Can I make special requests for conference provided meals and if so how do I communicate those to you?

We have put together a form requesting information for folks who are vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free. Unfortunately, due to the large number of attendees, we will be unable to accommodate any special requests past this. However, all rooms at the hotel have a small refrigerator if you would like to bring some snacks/food with you. Additionally, there are several restaurants at the resort you can choose to dine with. Please note that any meals not served in our eating area are not covered by the cost of your conference ticket.

What are "Shooting Bays?" I saw that listed in the schedule.

Shooting Bays are stations equipped with a backdrop and model that you can practice your shooting techniques with your peers, mentors, or instructors! The shooting bays are placed throughout the exhibition hall and during the hours of 12:30 to 5pm Wednesday through Friday, you’ll be able to roam around and shoot with different models and backdrop at these stations.

A couple of notes — Bring your own camera as we won’t have any at the event. Also, it’s not our intent that you go to all 25 bays. This is not a Folio Build. Rather, the focus is working with your peers, mentors, and instructors to learn something from the available shooting bays in the alloted time.

Protip — The bays are extremely busy at the beginning and slow down significantly at the end of the day.

Are there other shooting opportunities outside of what's happening at the conference?

There will be 25 shooting bays (or sets) for attendees to shoot at Wednesday through Friday, but outside of that if you wish to get more shooting time in during your stay, you could go to the Facebook page and coordinate with others to trade shoots, etc.

What is the Silent Disco Party on Wednesday night?

A silent disco is where the DJ plays music directly into headphones you’ll be wearing (and we’ll be providing). The 70s/80s theme isn’t mandatory, but you may just be in the minority if you don’t dress up. Also, we think it will be fun to dance the night away in our Disco best!

Overall, it’s more important you come, mingle, and spend time with friends and peers!

Is the Silent Disco Party indoor or outdoor?

The party will be in indoors this year.

Is there special attire for the dinners? Overall?

There is no special attire other than dressing comfortably.

I'm not receiving any of the emails that other attendees are talking about, what should I do?

Please contact support at

Someone said something about a t-shirt, where can I get one?

Good news! This year, your conference ticket includes a free t-shirt. You can pick it up at registration. But first, go here to request your t-shirt size.

To note: If you haven’t filled out the form by August 10th, we will order you a large size shirt.

My family is coming to the conference with me and want to go to the Oasis Water Park, will it be open?

Great news! Even though the Resort closes down the Oasis Water Park every year after Labor Day (during the week), it will be open an additional day on Tuesday September 4th from 11 am to 4 pm! In addition to the Oasis Water Park, there are several other pools through out the Arizona Grand Resort property.

What is the best way for me to get to The Arizona Grand Resort and Spa from the airport?

We recommend taking a taxi or an Uber to the property. It’s about a 10 minute drive from the airport. For more information, the Resort has a robust set of FAQs, themselves.

Does the Resort have an additional parking fee if I'm not a guest?

No, parking is free. For more information about the Resort, please see their FAQs.

I'm driving and I need to park my car at the Resort, is there a fee?

There is no extra fee to park and parking is plentiful. The front desk will have more information when you arrive.

What is the temperature and how should I pack?

In early September, it’s the tail end of summer and Arizona is in the desert. So the temperature will often be in the high 90s and the low 100s as well. It is a dry heat, but please do bring light and comfortable clothes. All of the speaking events and Expo will be indoors. You may find yourself outdoors to socialize or to head to another event located within the Resort.

Can I fly out the last night of the event?

Sure! After Sue’s closing remarks, the event will essentially be concluded. If you would like to join us for Friday evening, you’re more than welcome. But it is by no means required.