Words for Photographers:

A Simple Guide to Unlocking Your Sales Potential

Damaly Shepherds’ new marketing course helps you understand and articulate what makes you and your business unique so you can attract the clients who need and appreciate you most. 

Join Damaly as she guides you through the process of understanding all that you offer and how your unique values and perspective inform the experience you provide. You’ll learn to speak confidently and authentically so you can attract the clients who are excited to work with you and give you 5-star reviews! 



"Hi, my name’s Damaly and I’m on a mission to help artists like you speak up boldly about your incredible work so that you can say your peace and get paid well for it too.

As a Portrait Photographer, Writer, and Coach, I deeply believe that we all have something incredibly special to say. And it’s my life’s goal to use my voice as often as I can to help you find or reconnect with yours.

I specialize in helping Photographers move past the blocks that stop them from sharing their work with the world by connecting to the most genuine and authentic version of themselves and by deepening their connection to the work that they create all the time.

If a journey towards a deeper sense of self, pride in your business, and attracting wonderful dream clients to your business is your desire, I would love to help you get there." - Damaly


Words for Photographers by Damaly Shepherd





In this six-part course, Damaly provides the coaching you need to ask the questions that help you understand the essence of the service you provide. Next, you’ll receive prompts that guide you in telling your authentic story to the world. 

Designed as a 6-week course requiring less than 15 minutes a day, Words for Photographers will help you understand why trying to talk to everyone leaves you talking to no one. Instead, you’ll learn how to focus in on your ideal, 5-star clients – the ones who resonate with your values and service and who will be at the front of the line eager to work with you. Working along in the comprehensive Words for Photographers Workbook, you’ll come away with the confidence to sell your business at full value in a way that feels true and resonant for you, and you’ll have prompts you can visit again and again to master content generation once and for all.  


Discover your unique value proposition

Understand and articulate what makes you and your photography business unique, allowing you to stand out from the competition and attract clients who truly appreciate your work.

Learn how to speak confidently

and authentically about your photography services, enabling you to effectively communicate your value to potential clients and convince them to choose you over others.

Create compelling


Develop the skills to create engaging and impactful content that resonates with your target audience. You'll learn how to tell your authentic story, connect with clients on a deeper level, and build stronger relationships through your marketing efforts.


“This course will help you show up powerfully to speak about your work no matter who's watching. We get there by going through you – by connecting to your talents, by acknowledging your hard work, and by reminding you that you are enough. By the end, you'll feel more connected and excited to share your work with your networks, and you'll have less fear and doubt about “how,” because you get to create the “how” that works best for you.” 





- Rebecca Shepard

- Irene Osowski

- Melissa Tousley

“Working with Damaly was one of the best things I did for my business. Damaly helped me find my own words to express how I felt and the clients I wanted to reach, she reminded me that money was just an exchange and that there is an abundance of it and that I deserved it as well. Not only in my business but my personal life Damaly has taught me to be true to myself, with being true to myself it brought me the clients I wanted, the clients who loved me for me the bold and crazy girl that I was hiding!”

- Hadonica Murphy

“I really found my voice. And it's not contained to a screen. I speak up more in my networking groups. I accept compliments better. I feel confident and self-assured with the powerful women that I ams hooting now. I am in a better mind space, and I'm having record breaking months. The shift has happened in my brain, and I am not backing down.

- Ashley Smith

"I have really enjoyed Words. I joined to help me feel more comfortable posting to social media. I admired how Damaly so freely posted and wanted to learn to do the same. I soon learned it was more about FEELING comfortable posting and for that I would need to dig deeper.

At first I thought I should do it quickly. I then discovered I could go at my own pace. I no longerfeel rushed to meet deadlines while in the course, but to do the internal work to really enjoy the process and grow at my own pace. One of the most enlightening things she said was we each know what we need to do, we just need to work through our fears to do the next thing. And this is how she helped coach me. To discover for myself what I needed to do.

I feel like Damaly is my biggest cheerleader cheering me on to do WHATEVER I want to do. For this reason, I am doing WORDS again, to continue developing and growing in the areas and ways I want to-with Damaly's coaching and encouragement." 

- Julie Kiernan