The Complete Alana Lee Bundle


Get this complete collection of Alana Lee’s digital overlays, backgrounds, textures and more. Spend more and save—the total value of this collection is over $700!

Hand Painted Digital Backgrounds

You’ve seen this style of hand-painted canvas backdrop used by leaders in the photography industry and now you can replicate this classic fine art look quickly and easily in Photoshop!

Creative Essentials Collection

Ever wonder how photographers create images that stand out and stop your scrolling as soon as you see them?

You may think that creating an impactful image involves advanced editing and Photoshop skills. Here’s a secret: all you need is a little imagination and a few magical overlays to transform an ordinary image into something extraordinary.

Cinematic Headshot Backgrounds

Digital backgrounds are a great way for photographers and digital artists to add interest to their images, and this background set is perfect for headshot photographers who want to provide a cinematic look to their clients without having to shoot on location. 

Digital Fabric Overlays

Never worry about getting that perfect fabric toss in camera again! The ultimate collection of fabric overlays featuring a variety of colors, textures and shapes (including lace and sheer fabric variations). By Alana Lee

Feather Wing Overlays

Gorgeous, realistic and highly detailed digital feather wings to add to your portrait, maternity and boudoir images.

The Eyelash Collection

Hard to see your client's natural eyelashes? Give them a little boost or create a dramatic look with these eyelash overlays by Alana Lee and wow your clients.

The Texture Collection

Add instant drama and interest to your portraits with these 100 texture overlays. Created exclusively for The Portrait Masters store, these high-resolution textures are .jpg images measuring 6000 pixels on the long edge and are 300 dpi.

Included in this Bundle: