Personal Branding Pricing PSD



Included in this Bundle:

Personal Branding Pricing PSD

From mentor Heike Delmore.

Magazine style pricing PSD to export as a PDF for your Personal Branding clients. This PSD compliments the video I did with Sue on how to I sell my Personal Branding packages to clients. This is the same PDF I send to my clients that I’ve turned into a PSD you can personalize. It’s very simple and clear – no fluff. I don’t believe people read anymore – instead they skim. The PSD layout has been designed for this. I’ve had many people ask about my pricing and how I bundle images to keep up my average sale: this gives my pricing and packages and also educates potential clients on how personal branding photos will elevate their brand. And gives them ideas on why they need more than just 2 images. It’s a perfect segue for talking points later in your consultations.

  1. Includes my Price List and Packages
  2. Includes text to educate your clients on:
    • What personal branding photos will do for them
    • Where to use their personal branding photos (31 uses)
    • Who needs personal branding (34 needs)
  3. Table of Contents page
  4. Testimonial page
  5. Cover page
  6. Simple editorial design
  7. Total of 8 PSD files (it’s your choice the files can be used together or separately and re-arranged when creating pages for your email ready PDFs)

BONUS: This template uses FREE fonts you can download online.

*This is NOT for you if you are strictly looking for a pretty template
*This is digital product intended to be used digitally
*This in not meant for printing
*Knowledge of Photoshop and using layers is a must