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It’s time to stop viewing ads as a gamble and start thinking of them as a business expense and an investment. When you run an ad, at the very least, you will be gathering market research data about your clients, their interests, and what attracts them to you. In this lesson, Ashleigh gives an overview of what is possible with Facebook Ads. You’ll learn about creating enticing offers and having systems set up to make the most of the leads you generate.

4 Reviews

“Facebook ads always have been a big black hole for me. This is so well-explained. Everybody who thinks FB ads don't work should definitely take this course and it will change your mind forever. It makes so much sense. And Ashley really helps to navigate the FB world.”

Sabine E.

“Facebook ads have been so scary to me for the last few years - I'm excited to dial it in! Thanks for creating this course, Ashleigh!”

Angie W.

“This is so very thorough and brings up things I never would have thought of or never knew before. The PDF documents that come with this course are so incredibly comprehensive and robust. I am just starting with this course, it's a little daunting because there is SO MUCH info, but with checklists and how it's organized, I know I can just go step by step and get this done. Awesome class!”

Darina N.

“This is a whole new world. Very good introduction to FB Ads”

Michael E.