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Photographer Lola Melani is known for her elegant and intimate portraits, which have been featured in media worldwide. Melani specializes in maternity, newborn, and beauty photography; her style blends editorial, fashion, and fine art portraits. Her signature look has attracted global dignitaries, public figures, and celebrities. Lola frequently speaks about her journey from immigrant to one of the world’s leading photographers and how we can all make a difference with our work. Additionally, Lola curates masterclass seminars, mentoring fellow photographers on how to find their own style and elevate their art form and businesses.

Artistic Lighting for Maternity Portraiture – by Lola Melani


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Join Lola in this creative course as she demonstrates how she creates her signature maternity portraits using simple lighting set ups. You will learn how to easily transition from a soft to a more dramatic look while creating a beautiful and diverse gallery for your client. The course also covers simple posing and editing tricks to transform your images into timeless works of art.


Fine Art Nude Photography – by Lola Melani


There is so much beauty in the human form, and Lola’s Fine-Art Nude Photography course will provide guidance and inspiration to enhance your portfolio with tasteful and new creative ideas.


The Art of Draping – by Lola Melani


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Unleash the power of fabric in your photography with Lola Melani's 'The Art of Draping.' Learn to transform simple materials into stunning gowns, mastering draping and tossing techniques without any sewing skills necessary, and create extraordinary portraits that will captivate and amaze.


The Art of Draping II – by Lola Melani


Dive even deeper into the world of fabric manipulation with Lola Melani's 'The Art of Draping II.' Elevate your photography sessions by mastering advanced draping techniques, learning to work with a variety of fabrics, and creating high-fashion looks without the need for expensive gowns or intricate sewing.