Kitti McMeel


Kitti is a Portrait Photographer, Mentor/Coach, Author, and Motivational Speaker, and one of Sue Bryce’s international support team. She has been featured in numerous print publications and her studio has been featured twice on Sue Bryce’s Studio Tours web series, which highlights highly successful portrait studios worldwide. Kitti was personally mentored and trained by Sue Bryce, has achieved the top level in the Portrait Masters Accreditation program of Fellow Photographer, and serves as a mentor for The Portrait System. Her live Mother-Daughter portrait shoot is featured on the The Portrait System education platform and her podcast interview on the Portrait System Podcast was one of the most-downloaded episodes. She is the author of Resilient an accounting of her life’s journey to inspire photographers young and old to follow their dreams and it is never too late to make those dreams a reality!

Kitti also offers Photoshop and Lightroom actions, color profiles and presets, email templates, Folio Reviews and her latest book, Resilient. Visit her site for more information.