About the Mainstage Speakers and Presentations

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Rangefinder | The Portrait Masters Conference: Main Stage Presenters & More

Here it Comes! Portrait Masters Conference This September 


Tabatha Coffey is our primary speaker and an Australian entrepreneur who had a hit TV show for many years called Tabatha’s Salon Takeover. She is a boss like nobody—a wonderful human being and inspiring speaker. In her talk, Rewriting Your Narrative to Overcome Fear or Whatever Holds You Back, Tabatha will inspire us to overcome the limits we place on ourselves, and trust that little voice that says, “I want more and I deserve more and I’m curious what would happen if….”


Dan O’Day is one of Sue’s closest friends and was actually her wedding photographer in 2019. While an incredible wedding photographer, Dan is looking forward to showing our attendees his approach to shooting portraits. In an exciting onstage experiment, Studio Lighting, Schmudio Lighting: The Subleties of Separation, Dan will show you why we don’t need fancy lights to make magic.


Jason Vinson is also an incredibly successful wedding photographer who will be teaching our attendees his approach to shooting portraits as well. In his presentation, Seeing the light, Jason will show you how to harness the full potential of your lighting tools by learning how to completely grasp what makes light interesting, so that you can take those qualities and make something unique.


Chris Orwig is a greatly accomplished photographer, author, and educator who we have partnered with in The Portrait Masters store on some great entry level courses on Photoshop and Lightroom that take the fear out of learning something new. In his inspiring talk, Wisdom & Healing: How Portraiture Changed My Life, and Can Change Yours, Chris will share his personal story of picking up a camera after being hit by a car and wrestling for years with chronic pain. “The camera helped me literally and figuratively shift the focus off of myself (and my own pitiful situation) and onto the world,” Chris says. He’ll share with you how shifting your perspective can both elevate your photography and deepen your hearts, minds and souls.


Leslie Andrews is our breakout star keynote speaker–as Sue says, Leslie’s work is “mind-blowing”. We are so thrilled to have her educate you on how she creates her gorgeous, innovative work. In her keynote, One-Light Magic: Mastering OneLight Studio Setups, Leslie will show you how much you can achieve with just one light, and how using a single light will give you an excellent understanding of light and what different modifiers do, and how you can use accessories such as V-Flats and reflectors to your advantage.


Pratik Naik and Matthew Jordan Smith will be going head-to-head in a special, can’t-miss presentation!


Kara Marie is an internationally renowned Boudoir master photographer and educator whose products in The Portrait Masters store are some of our all-time bestsellers. Kara’s exciting performance-art-style presentation, Boudoir and Its Boundless Potential, will take you along on a theatrical journey through several of the most riveting styles of boudoir photography, and will demonstrate the bountiful possibilities of this wildly popular, lucrative, and impactful niche of photography. This talk will inspire you to experiment to find the style that is a perfect fit for you and the clients you serve.


Sue Bryce is a Kiwi photographer whose career from photographer to educator and entrepreneur is legendary. Her keynotes are known to have a deeply profound and motivational impact on anyone who hears them, whether you’re a photographer or not—if you have a dream, Sue can help you realize it and bring it to life. This year, Sue will be doing a Live Shoot Portrait Interview. “The subject is secret for now because it’s their story and their message, and how they will be photographed is very unique to them,” Sue says, but you will certainly not want to miss this unique, emotional journey through portraiture.